At Israel Real Estate Co., we understand that when you're looking to rent space from a company, you need someone you can trust. That is why we take our job so seriously. As property managers for over 50 years, we have learned exactly how to maintain safe real estate, and the right approach to ensuring that when repairs need to be made they are made correctly and with cost effective long term solutions.

If you're looking to rent office, retail, or apartment space, we have the perfect area available at a price you can afford. With our available apartment complex and retail space always changing, you can be sure we have exactly what you have been dreaming of. All the apartments we offer are within Worcester city limits, and most were built by our founder, Leonard Israel.

As a rental, construction, and property management company, we have developed lasting relationships with various entities that have helped us with the properties we manage. Our entire team is continuously keeping up to date on any changes to building codes, occupancy rules, and procedures and requirements to ensure that our spaces are safe and up to code.

For more information or to discuss what space is currently available, call us at 508-853-2414 today!